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Pet Health Care at PETVET

PETVET clinics are well-equipped, full-service, small animal veterinary practices providing comprehensive diagnostic, medical, surgical and dental care. We aim to offer quality service, giving your pet the maximum opportunity to lead a long happy life.

Preventative Care

Disease prevention is a vital part of your pet's well-being. We encourage preventive medicine so that your pet can live a long, healthy life.

In addition to a clinical exam, your pet's personalized wellness plan will include worm and flea control, a vaccination program based on your pet's needs, behavioural and nutritional counseling if required, and life stage blood and urine tests when appropriate.


Puppy Play Group

To help puppies and their owners develop habits for a lifetime of good behaviour, we offer Puppy Play Group. We focus on understanding how puppies learn and use this to teach good behaviour.

We use reward based training methods, with treats and lots of praise. Properly applied, these methods will also establish a foundation of security, respect and trust. Positive reinforcement methods allow us to teach our puppies basic obedience commands (Come, Sit, Stay) as well as open the door to allow us to teach our dogs virtually anything else.

'Pocket Pets' and Caged Birds

Although often challenging to manage, we do have staff veterinarians with professional interest and experience in the medicine and surgery of caged birds and 'pocket pets' such as mice, rats and guinea pigs. We are able to perform surgeries such as neuters, lump removals and dentistry on small mammals.

Porky Pets Group

You can enroll you overweight pet in our 'Porky Pets' group. Our trained nursing staff will work with you to design a tailored weight reduction programme based on scientifically balanced metabolic diets. Regular monitoring with free weigh-ins and diet adjustments are designed to get them back on track.

Over-weight pets have an increased risk of arthritis, heart disease, heat stress and respiratory disease. If your pet suffers from any of these conditions maintaining an ideal weight can help them to lead happy, active lives.

Best for Pets

Caring for your pet can sometimes be overwhelming. From selecting the right food and protecting them against nasty parasites to keeping up 
on their vaccinations and health care.

A Best for Pet membership includes all the preventative care services that we believe to be essential for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being.


Best for Pet gives you the reassurance of providing
 the best possible care in a convenient and cost effective way. Simply make the initial payment today, followed by eleven equal direct debit payments and let PETVET take care of the rest!

Optimal Health Care

Similar to humans, early detection in pets can be key in preventing diseases, reducing and sometimes even avoiding costly vet bills.

The veterinary care that is included in your Best for Pet membership allows us to give your pet the best in preventative health care which can lead to a longer and happier life for your pet.

So give your pet the best and join today!

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