Puppy Playgroup

To help puppies and their owners develop habits for a lifetime of good behaviour, we offer Puppy Play Group. We focus on understanding how puppies learn and use this to teach good behaviour. We use reward based training methods, with treats and lots of praise. Properly applied, these methods will also establish a foundation of security, respect and trust. Positive reinforcement methods allow us to teach our puppies basic obedience commands (Come, Sit, Stay) as well as open the door to allow us to teach our dogs virtually anything else.

Early Socialisation

This has long been recognised as a vital factor in the development of the happy, well adjusted adult dog. Play with other dogs and puppies teach the dog how to mix and be part of a structured group. Similarly, through controlled play, owners can teach the puppy the positive behaviours expected of a pet dog.

This unique course emphasises the importance of socialisation; puppies will be encouraged to meet other puppies, dogs and a variety of people. They will also be introduced to different situations and experiences. Our aim is that PETVET will become a fun place rather than somewhere to be nervous about.

Owners will teach puppies to come when called, both inside and out; not to pull on the lead; to sit and lie down on command; to be handled and groomed, and how to play games devised to stimulate the dogs mind and to increase control.

Discussion Topics

  • How dogs learn
  • House training
  • Dogs in society
  • Avoiding common problems


  • Housetraining
  • Play as a method of learning
  • Control of your dog in all situations
  • Health and & Disease
  • Games you can play
  • Feeding
  • Socialisation
  • Equipment to use

Because of the nature of this 4 week course, only puppies up to 5 months will be eligible. All puppies must be 8 weeks or older and must have received their 6 week vaccination. It is important to attend each week of the course to gain maximum benefit.

The prevention of behavioural problem is better than cure. You and your puppy will have fun at Puppy Playgroup and are sure to learn a lot about each other.

Preparation for the class

  • Do not feed the evening meal
  • Bring some food rewards e.g. Vets Best Rewards
  • Bring a blanket to sit on
  • Bring a lead and collar
  • No choke chains please
  • We encourage all members of the family to attend (Maybe not the cat)

Please do not attend the class if your puppy is unwell.

Register today!

To register your puppy in for our Puppy Play Group, please phone one of our clinics before attending. Classes usually fill quickly.

Classes are held most Wednesday evenings, between 6.00pm and 7.00pm at PETVET Silverstream. (Location, day and time may vary)

As classes will be outdoors, if wet they may be postponed.