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Pet Products and Premium Pet Diets

PETVET shops stock a wide range of premium pet foods and quality pet products. You can also purchase over-the-counter medication such as wormers and flea treatments.

Effective Flea Treatment

  • Bravecto

    Bravecto Flea Treatment

  • Broadline

    Broadline Flea Treatment

  • Revolution

    Revolution Flea Treatment for Cats

  • Frontline

    Frontline Flea Treatment

Quality Pet Care Products

  • Pet Bowls

    Pet Bowls

  • Collars

    Collars & Leads

  • Pet Beds

    Beds & Blankets

  • Cat Flaps

    Pet Doors

  • Combs

    Combs & Brushes

  • Worm Treatment

    Worm Treatments

  • Pet Shampoos


  • Pet Toys

    Pet Toys

Premium Pet Foods

  • Royal Canin Diets

    Royal Canin Diets

  • Hills Science Diets

    Hills Science Diets

  • Nutro Diets

    Nutro Diets

Dental Care Products

  • Pet Toothbrushes

    Pet Toothbrushes

  • Pet Toothpaste

    Pet Toothpaste

  • Chew Toys

    Chew Toys

Don't see what you are looking for? If we don't stock it we can order it for you.