Welcome to PETVET We are Small Animal Veterinarians in the Hutt Valley

The PETVET Client Services Team

Our Customer Service Team take your calls, make appointments and attempt to answer your enquires. They all are very knowledgeable about pet diets, worms, fleas and the best accessories for your pet. They will be the first to greet when you arrive at PETVET and probably farewell you when you leave. They are all passionate animal lovers and love to see you and your pets.

  • Murray McClure

    Murray McClure

    Practice Manager

  • Karina Ansell

    Karina Ansell

    Team Leader - Lower Hutt

  • Philippa Vruink

    Philippa Vruink

    Team Leader - Silverstream

  • Yasmin De Visser

    Yasmin De Visser

    Receptionist - Lower Hutt

  • Melissa Gosse

    Melissa Gosse

    Receptionist - Lower Hutt

  • Lee Tymkin

    Lee Tymkin

    Nurse Receptionist - Silverstream

  • Jordana Davison

    Jordana Davison

    Receptionist - Lower Hutt

  • Helena Howard

    Helena Howard

    Receptionist - Silverstream

  • Olivia Cottle

    Olivia Cottle

    Receptionist - Silverstream

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