Thank you

In our jobs as animal health professionals, we hear this from you, our clients, very regularly and in all kinds of situations. Every day that we come to work, we do our utmost to give the very best care we can to our patients, we know that you recognise this and every day we feel appreciated and valued by you.

At times, our job is incredibly difficult and pressured and the thank-yous, hugs, cards, flowers, treats and genuine appreciation that we receive from many owners really does help us keep the faith in the value of what we do.

In turn, we would like to thank YOU for helping make success in our jobs possible, every day we make decisions and recommendations but the real healing process happens at home after discharge from the clinic. Our patients’ recovery from surgery and illness is very much dependent on the aftercare they receive, and this cannot happen without your ongoing dedication to your pets.

In our busy Silverstream clinic, we often have emergencies and are frequently in the situation of having to reschedule routine appointments to make room for addressing the urgent needs of traumatised or sick animals. Inconvenient as this must be for you, we are grateful that in most cases, you are incredibly understanding and allow us to make alternative arrangements to see your pets at another time. In this way, you really are helping us care for the wider pet community and it is true that we are all in this together!