Welcome to PETVET We are Small Animal Veterinarians in the Hutt Valley

Veterinary Position Available

We have vacancies for full-time small animal veterinarians preferably with at least one years clinical experience.

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Client Service Position Available

We have a vacancy for a full time Client Services team member. Read more.

PETVET Lower Hutt has now relocated to 53 Rutherford Street

Pet Health Care

Comprehensive veterinary care for your pet.

Other Services

Quality pet products and premium diets.

Emergency Care

For emergency care call +64 4 5698830.

Services Available at PETVET

Our Mission is to provide our clients and their pets with excellent veterinary service and quality pet products while delivering superior veterinary skills, technology and advice within a friendly caring environment.

Pet Health Care

PETVET clinics are well-equipped, full-service, small animal veterinary practices providing comprehensive diagnostic, medical, surgical and dental care. We aim to offer quality service, giving your pet the maximum opportunity to lead a long happy life.


At PETVET our dedicated team of experienced veterinarians have the skills and equipment to diagnose and treat your pets illness to achieve either a full recovery or provide on-going management to maintain a good quality of life.


At PETVET we have dedicated team of experienced veterinarians and technicians enabling us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures such as cat bite abscess drainage, wound management, routine sterilisation and dental care right up to complex soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.

Referral Services

PETVET clinics provide a base for referral services in Feline Medicine, Animal Dermatology, Veterinary Dentistry and Ophthalmology. Senior PETVET veterinarians also provide Imaging, Medicine and Surgery referral services for the Greater Wellington region.

Ultrasound and X-ray

We have modern digital radiology systems capable of acquiring detailed x-rays from tiny patients right through to giant breed dogs. Our state-of-the art ultrasound machine enables us to image a wide range of body tissues.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Our on-site diagnostic laboratories allow us to perform a wide range of blood and urine tests. Rapid results allow us to accurately diagnosis and monitor medical conditions without unnecessary delay.


PETVET shops stock a wide range of quality pet products such as collars and leads, toys beds and coats. You can also purchase over-the-counter medication such as worm and flea treatments.

Pet Nutrition

We stock a wide range of premium quality pet foods designed to match your pets life style. We also recommend a wide range of therapeutic diets for conditions such as bladder stones, diabetes, arthritis and kidney disease.

Porky Pets Group

You can enroll your overweight pet in our 'Porky Pets' group. Our trained nursing staff will work with you to design a tailored weight reduction programme based on scientifically balanced metabolic diets.

Puppy Play Group

To help puppies and their owners develop habits for a lifetime of good behaviour, we offer Puppy Play Group. We focus on understanding how puppies learn and use this to teach good behaviour.

Best for Pets

A Best for Pet membership includes essential preventative care services for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being.

Treatment for your pet can be both unexpected and costly. At PETVET we have that covered. You can take advantage of a 12 month payment and interest holiday on all treatments of $200 and over.