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Your Cattery Booking will be confirmed by telephone or email once we have processed your request. This will normally be within one working day but may take longer if you submit this request on a weekend.


If your cat has FIV (Aids) it must board in Backpackers to prevent spread to other guests

If your cat's last vaccination was more than 11 months ago or within 14 days of your arrival date we will have to make special arrangements. Please telephone PETVET Lower Hutt for advice. If your cat was NOT vaccinated at PETVET you will need to show us a vaccination card with the last vaccination date.

We aim to provide an environment that will minimise the risk of disease for all our guests during their stay. To enable us to do this we ask that the following terms and conditions are met:

  1. Current worm treatment - within 3 months of arrival with a quality Cat Wormer such as Drontal.
  2. Flea treatment before admission. Frontline Plus, Revolution or Broadline are acceptable Flea treatments.
  3. Current Feline Enteritis Vaccination. Most Enteritis Vaccines are current for three years.
  4. 'Snuffles' vaccination within the last year. This should be given at least two weeks before arrival. Most modern Vaccinations are modified live viruses. They must be given at least two weeks prior to entry to allow them to work. It also reduces the risk of live virus particles spreading to other cats.
  5. Minimum age 4 months. Young kittens have immature immune systems and have increased risk of catching disease from 'carrier' cats. Infections in young kittens can sometimes be carried for life.
  6. FIV positive cats stay in Backpackers. They will not mix with other cats to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.
  7. We do not board entire Tom cats. Unfortunately they can be aggressive to other cats and produce an unpleasant odour in the Cattery.
  8. Sick cats or cats with high needs, such as Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease, may be boarded in our Hospital.
  9. All Cattery charges must be finalised before your cat departs.

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